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McMaster University


McMaster COVID-19: Primary resource for students, faculty and staff at McMaster for information regarding COVID-19.

McMaster University President Letters: Letters from the President, Dr. David Farrar regarding COVID-19.

McMaster University Chancellor Letter: Letter from Chancellor, Santee Smith regarding COVID-19


Faculty of Health Sciences Updates: Dr. Paul O’Byrne, Dean and Vice-President, FHS is sending regular updates to all FHS faculty and staff each week. Should issues arise, additional information will be communicated to all members at that time.

FHS Program for Faculty Development: McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences PFD website with a variety of high-quality digital faculty development resources for members of FHS during this time of uncertainty.

  • PFD COVID-19 Collection: Contains posts and links to new content dedicated to helping educators, clinicians, scholars, and researchers adapt to the rapid changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

FHS Continuing Health Sciences Education: McMaster's CHSE has compiled a resource page for Continuing Professional Development information regarding COVID-19.

McMaster University Postgraduate Medical Education: A resource page for learners, faculty and staff relating to COVID-19 including updates from Hamilton Health Sciences, Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences, personal protective equipment guidelines, and information relating to examination postponement for professional accreditation bodies.

McMaster Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences: Department resource page provides updates on COVID-19 developments, specific resources for faculty members, and support links for university technology.

COVID-19 Academic Contingency Planning: A direct link to McMaster University resources to teaching at home for faculty members including guidelines for instructors, course modifications and guidelines on accessibility for students.


McMaster Human Resources: Resources to help answer questions on how COVID-19 might affect business continuity and workplace operations. Also includes information and resources on promoting a healthy workplace.

Homewood Health: The McMaster Employee and Family Assistance Program which is an extended benefit provided to staff and faculty offering confidential counselling services, online tools and resources to support individuals during mental health and addiction struggles for themselves or family members.

McMaster Employee Health Benefits: MUFA Faculty, Clinical Faculty, and members of TMG and UNIFOR have expanded mental health benefits. Click here and find your employee group for more information.

Mental Health Resources: A resource page for staff and faculty members with mental health resources for self and others including access to Employee Family Assistance Program, Student Mental Health Strategy, events calendar and more.

Resilience Toolkit: This toolkit offers practical resources that may assist individuals in responding to the current situation during COVID-19 in ways that will support safe and healthy psychological health.

Sun Life Virtual Care Services: Sun Life has added Lumino Health Virtual Care to McMaster University’s Extended Health plans beginning April 9, 2020. Virtual Care lets you connect with health-care professionals from your home. You can speak with a health care provider about physical or mental health concerns, receive a diagnosis, and receive a prescription. Eligible employees and their dependents have no charge access to this service until June 1, 2020.


The Okanagan Charter: An extensive inventory of health and wellness geared programs that can be filtered by audience for the McMaster community. Many programs have moved to providing virtual or online programs during COVID-19 physical distancing.

Professor Hippo-on-Campus: Faculty are often ideally situated to recognize and respond to stressed and distressed students and to start important conversations and prevent unnecessary stress and distress. They must feel prepared and comfortable to address student needs in ways that are consistent with and appropriate to their roles. The Professor Hippo-on-Campus program has been designed and tested to help accomplish these goals in an accessible and engaging format. You will learn a lot about what’s available and what to do to support student mental health.


McMaster helps arm health-care providers in the battle against COVID-19: McMaster article on Wael El-Dakhakhni, professor in Department of Civil Engineering. Dr. El-Dakhakhni is leading a team using data analytics and machine learning to help inform Canada’s response to COVID-19 using data for algorithms.

Brighter World: Research focused on the health and well-being of all.

Hamilton Health Sciences

McMaster PGME COVID-19 Updates: Updates and messaging from affiliated hospital partners regarding COVID-19.

HHS Updates: Central Hamilton Health Sciences COVID-19 resource page including update number of cases, and specific information per audience (i.e. patients, staff, community healthcare providers, etc.)

HHS Staff & Physician Resources: Hamilton Health Sciences staff and physician central resource page for COVID-19.

HHS Resilience Support Toolkit: This toolkit was put together by Hamilton Health Sciences with a specific focus on healthcare professionals to build and strengthen ones capacity for resilience in times of high stress, such as COVID-19. The toolkit provides strategies to build resilience practice into daily routine using the framework of pause, reset, nourish with the goal of enhancing focus and overall well-being.

HHS COPE-Line: The COPE line provides support for HHS staff and physicians throughout COVID-19 to provide the right support at the right time from peers having shared experiences. The COPE line can be reached at: (905) 521-2100 ext. 43333

HHS Wellness Supports:

  • Formed a corporate group called the Resilience Support Team who are in the process of creating a wellness initiative with four prongs:

      1. Compiling Resources for Staff – a toolkit providing information on mental health and the COVID pandemic, behavioural strategies such as diaphragmatic breathing, relaxation, mindfulness strategies, and CBT skills

      2. COVID Unit Support – Initiatives available to support staff and patients

      3. Support Line – Similar to the SJH model where it ensures the callers are connected with appropriate staff to answer questions and refer further if necessary

      4. Messaging to Managers and Leadership - how to invoke team morale and messaging on how to support the teams on facing the pandemic, stay connected and provide resilience

  • Contacts: Karen Zhang ( and Greg Tippin (

St. Joseph's Hamilton Healthcare

McMaster PGME COVID-19 Updates: Updates and messaging from affiliated hospital partners regarding COVID-19.

SJHH Updates: St. Joseph’s Healthcare main COVID-19 information page.

SJHH Staff & Physician Resources: Information from St. Joseph’s Healthcare specific to staff, learners and physicians including remote working arrangements, personal protective equipment and screening procedures upon entry.

COVID-19: Mental Health Services for Health-Care Workers: Provides confidential support to health-care workers requiring support during the pandemic. A member of the Mental Health and Addictions clinical team will contact you within 24 hours.

The COVID-19 Mental Health Support Team: This confidential support phone line offers healthcare workers with quick access to a team of healthcare professionals including psychiatrists and psychotherapists. Individuals can be connected to resources, supports or additional services as needed. The Support Team is available at: (905) 522-1155 ext. 36499.

SJHH Wellness Supports

  • Creating a step care model of support for front line staff and physicians effected by this pandemic.

  • Employees can access the My St Joes website employee wellness page for helpful information and their employee assistance program.

  • The Mental Health & Addictions Program have a group of clinicians providing telephone triage support accessed through a form on the employee wellness page. Once complete the employee will receive a call back within 24 hours.